Monday, August 18, 2008

"Hello" Black River.....

I have spent weeks now trying to come up with a way to introduce myself to everyone as we begin the 2008-09 school year.. then it finally came to me... Why not create a blog page for the parents and students to read? it is and I hope you find it worth visiting from time to time.

Now on with the introduction.....

My name is Donna Young and prior to my arrival to Black River, I was a full-time nurse at one of the local hospitals for the past 12 years. My nursing background began in the emergency room back in 1996 and in 2000, I took on the position as the hospitals Coordinator over Occupational & Employee Health. So for some don't be surprised if you find my face familiar. We may have crossed paths over the years if you ever found yourself in need of emergency care or brought your children in for a sports physicals in the past.

As I included under the blog title; It is my hope to share with you various health topics that tend to raise their ugly heads during the "typical" school year. I will try to offer guidance and tips along the way promoting good hygiene towards achieving optimal health for the students. My goal is to help keep absenteeism to a minimal where possible. Especially as we enter the dreaded winter "flu season." And yes, I know that winter WILL arrive sooner than we want. And last far longer than we wish. After all it is Ohio and we know only too well how long our winters can last. And with them so come the viruses!

If you glance to the right of the blog page you will find a few pertinent health topics and a few website links that may become of value in the months ahead. My plan is to continue to add current information throughout the school year keeping you apprised of health-related issues within the school buildings. (Should they arise). You know, the usual things like strep throat & influenza or stomach flu. If and when they pop up in the school I will certainly share such on this blog.

On a separate note I wanted to share a bit of personal information; Aside from my love of nursing and children in general, the title I enjoy the most is "Grandma or Nana" to my 7 young grandchildren. Their ages range for 11 months to 6+ years of age. My grandchildren are my reward for growing older.

I spoil every single one of them rotten! It is my duty as their grandmother, or so I tell my children. They of course would argue this right to the ends of the earth. Ha-ha! Of all my grandchildren, God blessed me with one in particular who holds a special place in my heart and my entire families to put it mildly. It is not always easy to admit this aloud being the grandmother to seven, but true just the same. My second born granddaughter "Miss Emma" stole my heart from the moment she came into this world. She is my soul-mate in every sense of the term and my family does understand and accepts our special relationship without question. I will try explain....

Our Miss Emma was born with a rare genetic disorder known as Angelman Syndrome and hence has had numerous medical issues that came with her rare diagnosis. As we like to say; We have been blessed with an "angel." She has the happiest of dispositions, full of laughter, giggles, hugs and kisses. And totally addicted to water! Yes, water!!!! Each of these unique characteristics are part of her syndrome. I cannot possibly begin to put into words the joy this little girl has brought and continues to bring to our entire family. She is the light of our lives.

So for those parents who too have been blessed with a special child you can rest easy knowing that I have become quite the little expert over the past five years in regards to caring for special children. Along with all their unique medical needs that come as part of their life's package. Especially those that are non-verbal, epileptic, have low muscle tone, ataxia and the list goes on. Rest assured that your children are in safe hands. :-) I am readily accessible in the event that you wish to share pertinent information unique to your child. Such information I consider most valuable in my caring of your child/children over the next 9 months.

It is important that your children feel at ease and comfortable in my office. They are the reason
I am here. Whether they are stopping by to take their daily meds, arrive feeling ill or simply want to share a sweet hello. I will always be there with a smile on my face to greet them. This is my promise to you.

In closing I would like to say; As with any new career adventure, I have lots of wonderful ideas racing through my head. However, I also recognize that implementing them will take a bit of time. Especially being the new kid on the block. If I have learned but one thing over the years, it is to remain realistic in regards to what I "wish" to achieve and what I "can" achieve given the day to day challenges as a nurse. However, if you will all bare with me I know that I can and will accomplish them all one step at a time.

If you would like to contact my office the number is 419-736-2161, Ext. 403. If you prefer to send an email you can do so by emailing me at

I look forward to meeting you all soon,

Nurse Donna