Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Scoliosis Screens this week...

What is Scoliosis?

Scoliosis in a sideways (lateral) curving of the spine. One in 10 persons will have it. Two to three persons in every 1000 will need active treatment for a progressive condition. In one out of every 1000 cases surgery may be necessary.

Frequent signs are prominent shoulder blade, uneven hip and shoulder levels, unequal distance between arms and body, and clothes that do not "hang right."

Eighty percent of scoliosis cases are idiopathic (cause unknown). Scoliosis tends to run in families and affects more girls than boys.

Spinal curvature is best dealt with when a young person's body is still growing and can respond to treatments, such as a body brace. Mild cases may not need treatment, but must be monitored.

Kyphosis (round back) may also occur in developing adolescents. It should be screened for and may need to be treated.

You, your physician and/or your school screening program can perform a 30-second annual screen during these growing years. Screening during the bone-growing years can make a difference between a preventable condition and a disability in adult years.

Do keep in mind this is merely a screening and we do not diagnose scoliosis. We simply notify those parents that student presents with questionable visual signs of possible issues that we may see. Diagnosis is made by your physician by way of exam and xrays of the spine.

If you have any questions regarding scoliosis feel free to call my office. I will be happy to assist and offer suggestions regarding the need for follow-up exams, etc.

Have a healthy day!

Nurse Donna

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Been a busy new year thus far. Weather changes constant, temps up-temps down and students coming down with colds, flu bugs and strep. I cannot stress enough the need to dress for the weather.

Scoliosis screens will be done for students in 6th-8th grade the last week of January. This screen is preformed as a courtesy for your children. It is not a physicians evaluation nor is it a diagnosis. If a curvature is questionable a letter will be sent directly to the parent recommending an evaluations to rule out the onset of scoliosis.

As we come to the close of this month, note there is a great deal going on at school. From the Father Daughter Dance to the Community Dinner it looks like it is happening at the BREC. And for those interested in a tea party event, do contact Community Ed as there is one coming up late February.

Nurse Donna