Friday, January 14, 2011

What IS Going Around Our School?

Keeping parents aware of the variety of illnesses/viruses in the school can be helpful in determining why your child may be telling you he/she is not feeling well.

Most recently we have been experiencing a stomach bug (Not Influenza) that entails vomiting, diarrhea for some and fevers ranging from 100 degrees up to 102 degrees. We have also had confirmation of Strep Throat in both Kindergarten and Fifth grade.

What is Black River doing to curb this? Our custodial crew continues to be diligent in cleaning the school building, paying close attention to the water fountains. Our teachers are quick to wipe desks down, reminding ALL students of good hand washing techniques and cough/sneezing etiquette.

What can YOU do? Basically the same..........Remind your child(ren) of the importance of hand washing, sneezing and coughing into their elbows rather than into the air or their hand. Remind them not to place their mouths on any water fountain when drinking from them. And last but not least, if they are telling you they do not feel well, take the time to check their temperatures, throats for white spots, etc. Ask yourself; Do they look well? Are their cheeks flushed? Are they acting like themselves? Generally a child that is not feeling well clearly looks and acts differently. These are simple cues to take note of.

I hope this provided some insight into how we can help keep our children healthy and in school. Lastly, eating healthy DOES play an important role in our children's well being. Promote eating a healthy breakfast. Advocate for your child to obtain the proper amount of sleep nightly. Set a bedtime and stick to it. Consistency in sleep habits and eating habits is a win-win for maintaining good health.

Think healthy,

Nurse Donna