Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Winter Tips to Follow

It is that time of the year that I like to remind parents of the importance of dressing for the weather. Many of your children are presenting without hats, gloves and warm enough coats. If you cannot afford a coat, please know that we have a "coat closet" here at school where parents and local families have donated gently worn coats that their children have out grown. You are welcome to visit it during our school hours or immediately after school if needed.

Another tip I like to share is dressing in layers. More is better at the start of the day and should it warm up a bit, your children can always remove a layer if they desire. T-shirts, skirts, dresses and shorts are NOT preferred this time of year as unless the windchill designates differently, all students take recess time outside to afford them a chance to take a break from studies and burn off a little bit of that glorious energy they all were blessed with.

Winter illnesses is a topic none of us enjoy discussing, but it much needed regardless. Streph throat as always is prevalent this time of year and easily transmitted within a classroom. Monitor book bags for notes from Nurse Donna as if it is diagnosed within a classroom I send home warning notes with your children. Stomach bugs, vomiting, diarrhea and nausea are also popping their ugly heads this time of year. I cannot stress enough the importance of hand washing with all our children and adults. The number one preventative is and remains good hand washing techniques, so please practice this at home with your children. Washing hands to the ABC's or Happy Birthday song is approximately the amount of time necessary to complete proper hand washing and all our children tend to know one of the two songs.

Lastly, I need to remind everyone of the importance of NOT sending sick children to school. If your child has a fever of 100 degree's or higher they will be sent home and must remain home till they are fever free 24 hours without medication assistance. Should we develop influenza outbreaks within the school I will drop this temperature standard to 99 degrees or higher till the outbreak reduces or is no longer a concern within the district. We do and will continue to do what is necessary to keep our children healthy so that they can enjoy school.

Should anyone have questions or concerns please feel free to call me. I will always do my best to address your concerns, answer all your questions and if I cannot, I promise you I will obtain the answer within a timely fashion.

Happy Holidays to all and here is to a healthy school year!

Nurse Donna