Wednesday, November 20, 2013

~Is Your Child Getting Enough Sleep~

This is a special concern to those of us who work with children in school. Attending school means a more scheduled life and probably a more active one for your child. Since greater demands are made on a child’s time and energy, that child needs the chance to get adequate rest at the right times!

How much sleep is enough?

Young children need about 11 or 12 hours sleep a night to be alert, interested, and able to enjoy going to school. Those in nursery school and kindergarten usually need a brief daytime nap or rest period. As they grow older, they will gradually need a little less sleep.

Between the ages of 6 and 9, most can get along on about 10 or 11 hours sleep and night. By the time they are 12, they usually need about 9 hours. All children should have the opportunity to get the amount of sleep that seems right for each of them. It isn’t always simple to plan the evening so that children get into bed and lights go out on time. Besides,sleep doesn’t come easily to every child. When overtired after a busy day, a child may become more restless and need help relaxing. Try to see that toward the end of the day your child has some quiet activity, such as reading or coloring pictures, or read a story together. Many times a hot bath will have a soothing effect on a tense and tired child. It’s a good idea to have a definite bedtime...and stick to it as closely as possible. A youngster who has trouble going to sleep might enjoy reading a book or listening to some quiet music when getting into bed. This helps a child to unwind and relax.

Remember adequate rest is just as essential to good health as diet, exercise, dental, and medical care!!!

A tired child:

 Cannot concentrate on his/her school work.

 is more nervous and irritable when studying and playing

A well-rested child:

 Is cheerful and ready to get up in the morning.

 Is more willing and able to follow instructions.

 Learns more in school.

 Is able to learn more easily and is better prepared for a good day at school.

 Usually have fewer colds than tired children.

 Feels more like playing.