Thursday, February 27, 2014

Preparing for Spring

What to wear, what to wear? Hard to believe but Springtime IS coming. With it comes the delimna;How to dress your children for school? Spring and early summer weather is unpredictable so it's hard to know what to wear. The mornings can be cool and windy and by afternoon, it may be hot and dry. We look outside and see sun, we think it's short sleeve and sandal weather. However, when we actually step outdoors, we quickly begin to shiver. So what can your children wear this time of year that will be comfortable, practical, and fashionable when heading to the bus in the morning, then to a lunchtime recess, and then home on the bus? Layers! Layered clothing has always been a great way of dealing with weather changes. In addition to trying to dress appropriately for a wide range of temperatures, the wind can put quite a damper on hair. Those with long hair are corroded with knots and frizz. Think about the amount of dust and dirt the wind weaves through our hair. Girls, try some braids or up-do’s to avoid the pain of brushing though knotted hair. With the winter we have experienced we are all eager to see the warmer weather arrive. But a taste of warm weather is not enough to satisfy the anticipation of summer. All we can do is hope for better weather so we can let our children outdoors to play instead of surfing the web indoors or gaming the night away. Spring, we await your arrival! Nurse Donna