Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Week of Nov.15th, 2010

Just to keep parents current on what is going around the BREC; We are still seeing students out with a stomach bug (vomiting/diarrhea) some with fevers, others without. Lasts 24-48 hours.

Currently in 1rst grade we have quite a few cases of pinkeye (conjunctivitis). Extremely contagious so please if your child awakens or presents with crusty red eye(s) complaining of itchy-scratchiness do address this quickly as it will spread through your home quickly. I cannot stress enough the need for excellent handwashing when dealing with this not to mention any illnesses this winter.

Making certain your children are eating "healthy foods" and getting 7-8 hours of solid sleep are equally essential in maintaining good health during the school year.

Wishing you all good health,

Nurse Donna

Friday, November 12, 2010

Hand Washing IS the #1 Preventative Measure in Keeping Your Children Healthy...

Once again I cannot stress enough the importance of instructing your children daily on proper hand washing techniques. It IS and remains per the Center of Disease Control the #1 method for thwarting off diseases and viruses. Equally I would ask that you remind children to keep their hands away from their mouth, eyes and noses as these are the three main entry areas viruses tend to enter.

This week I continue to see the GI bug (not influenza) which appears to be a virus causing diarrhea or vomiting (or both is a few cases). Pushing clear fluids, limiting solid food intake and treating of the fever is the most you can do at this time. Rest is the key as it will afford your child the opportunity to build back their strength far quicker than trying to return them to school sooner than they are physically ready.

Some may have heard we had a "suspected" case of Whooping Cough on the elementary side. Just to clarify and prevent speculation and rumors from spreading this child was treated for such but the physician DID NOT test for Whooping Cough hence as the Epidemiologist explained we truly will not know if this was truly a case of Pertussis/Whooping Cough or not. With this said; I cannot stress enough the need to check with your child(ren's) doctor to make certain that your child IS up to date on all their vaccinations.

As always I am a phone call away should you have any question related to illnesses currently in the building so do not hesitate to call.

Nurse Donna

Monday, November 8, 2010

Currently going around the school...

I am pleased to say we have been pretty limited as to what illnesses I am seeing currently in our school buildings thus far. We have had a limited amount of strep throat, nominal GI stomach bugs (diarrhea & vomiting) and should be thankful as many others schools are seeing far worse.

Colds seem to be lingering a bit this season, lasting up to 2 weeks which is typical. The coughs have been more harsh than I like to hear but again we need to remember that when our children are congested pushing clear fluids (anything you can see through in the glass) is best. Avoiding dairy products which thicken the mucus is a must during this time. Milk, yogurt, ice cream and such only thickens the mucus your child(ren) are attempting to cough up.

Please keep in mind if your child has a fever or is sent home with a fever that they need to be fever free 24 hrs before returning them to school. They need time to heal and should be monitored to assure the fever has actually subsided and not masked by medications such as Tylenol or Motrin. Returning to school before they are ready will ultimately cause them to relapse with said illness and be out longer than would normally be the case.

Head Lice in the lower grades has popped up as it tends to this time of year. Nothing that I would state is out of control however, checking your children's heads during bath time is certainly a good habit to get into this time of year. Better to catch this early as opposed to find your child infested as the treatment would require far more absenteeism than necessary. Note that Lice MD is chemical free and found at most drug stores and my preference when dealing with children. I personally hate using chemical lice kits if they can be avoided. Also white vinegar rinsed over their dry hair will assist in dissolving the glue the nits/eggs use to adhere to the hair shafts and is totally safe in content.

If you have any concerns or questions remember I am but a phone call away.

Think healthy...and above all dress your children for the weather. Layering so they can peel off if they get too warm yet add back if they are cold is the best way to dress for this early winter season.

Nurse Donna

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Remember...It IS All About Our Kids..VOTE YES!

The 1% Earned Income Credit for Black River School District is a win-win for your children. Please take the time to educate yourself by visiting the school website and click on the tab located at the top of the page. This IS all for your children.Thank you,

Nurse Donna